• About Us

  • Triangle Commercial Real Estate Women (“Triangle CREW”) was formed in 1996 to provide a forum for meeting and building relationships in the Triangle market through effective member networking, committee work and mentoring. Triangle CREW also provides up-to-date information on commercial real estate through a high quality program of guest speakers, panels and forums.

    Building for the Future

    Triangle CREW promotes the common interests of women in commercial real estate by:

    • Providing a communication network among women in the field of commercial real estate.
    • Encouraging and promoting business and professional opportunities for women in the field of commercial real estate.
    • Providing organizational and development support to its members and to prospective members.
    • Furthering the professional development and expertise of its members through educational opportunities.
    • Acknowledging and publicizing the accomplishments of women in the field of commercial real estate.
    • Promoting the highest professional standards among its members.

    National Affiliation

    Triangle CREW has been affiliated with CREW Network since 1997. Founded in 1989, CREW Network is the indus-try’s premier business networking organization dedicated to supporting the achievements of women in commercial real estate. More than 9,500 CREW Network members represent nearly every discipline within the industry and are located in over 70 major markets across North America. CREW Network seeks to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by focusing on fulfilling four key initiatives: business development, leadership development, industry research and career outreach.

  • Note from the President

    DriverI am excited to serve as your President for 2016 and honored to celebrate our 20th Anniversary together! Thank you to all of the rock star women that formed this organization in 1996 and all of you that have served in so many ways to make this the strongest real estate networking group in the Triangle. Triangle CREW exists to network, support and elevate women in the field of commercial real estate. We're connectors and great relationship builders. Let's help each other build our businesses with the strongest and smartest women in the market.

    On behalf of the 2016 Board, we look forward to serving you all this year!

    Many thanks,


    Amy Watkins
    2016 Triangle CREW President